Work-life balance
Getting the best of both worlds

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Flexible work arrangements

Interested in further training? Or maybe you have other personal commitments or simply want to spend more time with your family? We recognize our associates have personal interests and try to support you in establishing your work-life-balance. In alignment with your manager you can, for instance, start later and finish later or clock in early to leave early. That way, personal appointments can easily be slotted into the working day. You are welcome to discuss your situation with us so that we can establish a solution that fits for you and for us.

Marrying work and family

We understand that having a family makes certain demands of you. But with a bit of skillful organization, it doesn’t have to affect your career. We’ll help you find the right solution.


Our cultural, sporting and leisure activities

Do you enjoy playing badminton? Or do you prefer a football match with your colleagues? Several Bosch locations in Southeast Asia offer a variety of sport and leisure activities. In order to foster the relations among colleagues and to establish a strong bond between associates and Bosch we also organize team building events and outings. All associates are welcome to participate.