Training & Development
Developing your skills


Our philosophy


Bosch recognises that people are our most important resource. We therefore value the importance of training & development for all our employees.

Outstanding teams and individuals are driven by the need for developing their skills and optimising their performance. The Training & Development Department aim to help Bosch employees achieve their full potential through different learning and development opportunities. The team provide training and performance consultancy services to all sites and subsidiaries of Bosch UK.

What do we do?


Our training offerings at a glance


Our courses

Keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Whether you need to brush up on the latest in business or technology, working methods, communication skills or project management, one of our diverse range of seminars will get you up to speed.

The Robert Bosch Kolleg

Specialists and executives can take advantage of our tertiary-level training offers at our in-house university.


The Carnegie Bosch Institute

Are you a high-powered executive who wants to climb even further? At the Carnegie Bosch Institute in Pittsburgh, U.S., you can hone your management skills to match the best worldwide.